Read Books to Feed Your Mind and Soul

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Reading books is the best hobby or activity that a person can pursue. There are books for everyone. Be it an eBook or paperback, books are available in a number of formats to cater all kinds of readers. There are n numbers of websites that offer online downloading of eBook, as well as they sell paperbacks too. Book download has become quite easy if you know where to look on internet. Websites like,, Kindle eBooks, offer a wide range of books for their readers. They can be bought and read on reading devices or would be delivered to your address. The websites that offer free downloading are always looking for readers who can avail their services to the fullest. A few websites also keep the rare books, or copies of those that are out of print now, or have stopped being published, or banned or not available in a particular location.


Most websites offer books for free download, their terms and conditions being signing up on the website. Books from almost all genres are available for the readers. Some of the best websites for free downloading of books are Read Print, Many Books, Project Gutenberg (being most famous), The Literature Network, Librivox, Authorama, Scribd, etc. You can search books here by filters like author, title, subject, language, most popular, reader/media reviews and recommendations. The books online are available in numerous file formats, like pdf, mobi, epub, AZW, PDB, comics, html, doc, docx, and many more, that can be downloaded on your desktops and laptops and can be accessed easily at all times. The mobiles also have their own formats for reading eBooks that are equally comfortable to browse, like Google play and EBooks.

EBooks offer a great option of reading anywhere, anytime that you want to. We have e-readers; the reading devices apart from phones and tablets, known as kindle that own their own books to download, like Amazon and Kobo Books. Websites like Watt pad allow budding authors to upload and publish their books on it and makes the eBooks available for free to the readers, which is a good way to promote one’s writings. Even the textbooks and course books for students are available online these days. A lot of companies get books related to their projects and technology online. The number of authors is increasing day by day, who write on various topics and do not shy away to promote and sell their books digitally.


Just recently The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation made over 200 art books free download worthy, which I feel is an awesome way to share the knowledge with the world without involving any money. Knowledge shared is best when it doesn’t make you sad upon gaining. Download books free is a great option for those who cannot afford them but want to learn new things. Internet provides us with everything including the reading material that we require, in multiple forms.

Though most authors today have their books’ presence online and offline as well, they prefer marketing about it in online mode only. They do give an option to download books online but at a cost, which is fair enough I think. Books have become costly these days, so it’s always a better option to search of books online and that too which are free to access. Getting membership from online libraries is also a good option to pursue your passion. Books are one of the best inventions that has happened till dat. I don’t think you need any other companion if you have books by your side. I always encourage people to read, especially when everything is accessible so easily in the world of internet.

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